Rob Fawcett M.Phil (Bath) RGN Dip.N (Lond)

During a 22-year NHS career, Rob acquired specialist skills in the care of older people, statutory registration & inspection, care planning, quality assurance, consumer relations and nursing development.  He has served on national advisory groups including care homes regulatory bodies and nursing development forums.

Since 1999, Rob has been a successful independent consultant, advising both providers and regulators of care on practice within regulatory frameworks.  He has been involved in designing and delivering training programmes for statutory regulators in both England and Wales.

Rob is a Registered Nurse, a qualified teacher in adult education, and has a Master’s degree in management.  His thesis is on the management of the quality of nursing care, and this work was the birth of the dependency system and staffing modelling algorithms developed today into DepenSys. 

Angie Fawcett RGN

Angie is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in the management of care homes for older people.

Angie has managed five nursing homes, including a 150-bed multisite.  She worked with a large corporate provider for more than 15 years, often taking on a troubleshooting role for ailing homes in the group.  She went on to become a national Quality Manager for the group, a post she held for two years prior to becoming an independent consultant in 2008.

Angie has particular expertise in operational management, quality assurance, care planning systems and training staff in person-centred care planning.  She has a formal qualification in teaching adults.  Since 2008 she has developed a care planning system now in use in over 60 homes.