Q: I haven’t received an email to set or change the password on my user account

A: Please check your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ mail folder.  Email filters are becoming increasingly sensitive to emails containing links, and may assume the email is from an unwanted source. 

The password set / reset emails from DepenSys come from the following address; please ask your IT department to add to this the list of trusted domains (called a ‘whitelist’): *.myukcloud.com

A: You will probably be in the ‘All Homes’ view.  In this view, simply click on the line of the home to get to the dashboard and open up the Home Administration menu.  DepenSys allows for users above Home Level to access multiple homes; if your organisation has just one home, it needs to be selected in the All Homes view. 

Home Level users are automatically taken to the dashboard of their allocated home when logging on.

A: The web address to type into your browser will be https://my.depensys.com or for larger groups with their own domain name, replace the ‘my’ with the short name of the group, e.g.  https://example.depensys.com. 

Please ask your manager or IT department if you do not know the address.  Tip: when you reach the login page, save this as a bookmark or ‘favourite’ in your browser to access it easily.