CQC cites home for using ‘outdated tool’

September 11, 2019 12:18 pm

We have just learned (September 2019) that the CQC inspected a home using a 2017 version of the RFC System spreadsheet and are citing the home is in breach of the staffing regulations for using an outdated tool.

As our website notes;

‘Whilst Rob Fawcett’s name appears to have been (mostly) still associated with the tool, many of the copies out there will be out of date and underestimating the dependency levels and therefore the staffing needed.  If we don’t know someone is using it, there is no way of keeping the system updated.

‘Unfortunately, there are many more users who have received a copy of the spreadsheet system without the author’s knowledge.  Excel spreadsheets are easy to crack, and the system has been passed around with many having received the system innocently believing it to be a free tool.’

If you know of anyone using the RFC spreadsheet, please point them in the direction of our website, or ask them to call or email us on 01373 824339, rf@depensys.com.

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