Balancing staff to residents

DepenSys is a web-based application assisting care home operators and managers to calculate staffing requirements based on residents’ needs.

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for Residential or Nursing Homes

DepenSys is designed to support the professional judgement of your care managers and senior professional staff.

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Manage Resident Dependency


Analyse Staffing Resources


User Friendly Interface


Summarises Resident Needs to Care Hours


Designed for Residential or Nursing Care

Care Home Management Solution

DepenSys provides a way of quickly recording each resident’s individual needs, and converts these needs into a total hours required to provide care in each 24-hour day.  It also calculates the ‘skill mix’ – the proportion of the total care time which must be met by a registered nurse or senior carer in nursing homes and residential homes respectively.  DepenSys allows additional skills of team members to be reflected in the skill mix. 

It enables staffing rotas to be modelled, and then illustrates how the planned staffing compares with the required staffing as calculated by DepenSys.

DepenSys assists the demonstration that the home is able to meet the needs of its residents, and to satisfy the requirements of the CQC as set out in the latest KLOE (Key Lines of Enquiry) published in November 2017: 

‘How does the service make sure that there are sufficient numbers of suitable staff to support people to stay safe and meet their needs?’  

The CQC expects homes to operate a system to determine staffing requirements, and DepenSys satisfies this expectation.

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Key Benefits

  • Designed for nursing and residential care homes.

  • Allows resident needs to be quickly and easily assessed, with comprehensive reporting across the home.

  • Supports oversight of multiple homes for group level performance comparison.

  • Calculates both the total number of hours required per day and the ‘skill mix’ – the proportion of senior staff to carers.

  • User levels allow for management oversight while permitting staff to manage key data.

  • Responsive interface allows for use across all platforms and devices.

  • Backed by more than 30 years of research.